Residential Roof & Exterior Cleaning Services

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar wood roofs are the one roofing material that absolutely must be maintained. The cedar will naturally weather from a golden honey to a silvery gray, and as fungi and other organic material creep in, turn a black or dark brown color. In order to prevent the organic material from eventually destroying your cedar roof, Coast Roof Cleaning uses a safe and effective cleaning process to remove harmful fungi and have your cedar roof looking like new. Residential Roof Cleaning Santa Maria

Tile Roof Cleaning

Coast Roof Cleaning is able to safely and effectively remove all moss, algae, and mildew from your tile roof without the risk of damage to individual tiles. While these organic materials build up on the tiles, they create a dingy and dirty looking roof, and allow the spores to move to other roofs and to other areas of your property.

Composition Shingles Cleaning

Moss and algae are particularly problematic for composition shingle roofs. These organism are able to eat away at the surface of the shingles and potentially cause an early roof failure. To prevent this, Coast Roof Cleaning is able to effectively remove this harmful moss and algae using a specially formulated cleaning solution that is not harmful to you or your property.

Exterior Cleaning

Coast Roof Cleaning is able to clean all kinds of exterior surfaces, including stucco, concrete, brick, wood, and vinyl. No surface is immune to organic material. Fungi, moss, mildew, and algae find a way to creep into every surface and cause damage. Remove this unsightly bacteria, and have your property looking like new.

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